How does G+ enhance the performance of consumer and industrial products?

Depending on the application, products that contain G+ may be stronger, more absorbent, able to conduct heat and electricity, or enjoy properties such as a barrier effect, low friction and better resistance to wear. (Read more about these properties below.)

Properties of G+


Electrical and thermal properties, IR and EMI shielding

G+ nanoplatelets, due to their particular crystalline structure, confer a good level of electrical and thermal conductivity to the host material.


Mechanical properties

G+ nanoplatelets confer a high level of mechanical strength and breaking point in terms of Young's modulus, while at the same time offering remarkable flexibility and lightness.


Physical properties

When G+ is used as an additive, the particular wafer morphology and high surface area create an impenetrable physical barrier, thus conferring properties such as being impermeable to air or having anti-corrosive and flame-retardant effects.


Chemical and physical properties

Hydrophobicity, oleophylicity, high surface area and the presence of macro and meso porosity create a great capacity to adsorb organic molecules. These properties are useful in environmental solutions such as air and water treatment.


Tribological properties

G+ pristine graphene nanoplatelets can serve as solid or colloidal liquid lubricants. They offer properties such as lower friction and greater resistance to wear not typically seen in conventional materials such as natural graphite.


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