Super-expanded, accordion-like, graphitic products, derived from natural intercalated graphite and expanded with a rapid thermal process, based on a patented technology.

This process increases the interlayer distance of the graphite sheets to extreme limits and forms expanded graphite macrostructures with an apparent density of about 2.3 g/L (expansion ratio above 300 units, against an average value of about 100 obtainable using standard methods). In terms of morphology, Basic G+ macrostructures have a diameter in the range of a few tens to some hundreds of micrometres and a length of few millimetres. The crystalline nature and the absence of defects guarantee: a thermal stability of the material up to 600° C in air and 1000° C under inert atmosphere, high hydrophobicity and oleophilicity.

The accordion-like structures – which consist of a few layers of graphene weakly tied along the edges – the high level of affinity for organic molecules and the structured porous morphology translates into an outstanding adsorption capacity for organic pollutants. Basic G+ products do not establish stable chemical bonds, thus promoting pollutants recovery. Basic G+ products are used for the treatment of contaminated water and soils.

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