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We partner with customers to enable them to offer the high-performance benefits of graphene in their own products. Through our partnerships with scientific research institutes and joint R&D with industrial partners, we develop practical applications that fulfil market needs.

Quality over quantity

Our strategy is to build close, quality relationships with our partners rather than to seek as many partnerships as possible. We work together with selected partners in each sector of G+ applications.

Generate shared value

We aim to create shared value with all of our partners through a reciprocal exchange of ideas and abilities.

Fulfill market needs

We understand our partners’ requirements and work with them to develop practical applications that will enhance their own products. Together, we develop intellectual property that fulfils market needs.

Commercial partnerships


Bicycle tyres


The Italian branch of Vittoria Industries Ltd. – the world’s leading manufacturer of bicycle tyres, with an annual production of more than 7 million tyres and 900.000 famous tubulars and cotton tyres – has developed, together with Directa Plus, a practical and scalable method for adding G+ to rubber for bicycle tires and carbon-fiber wheel rim. In September 2014, Vittoria and Directa presented Qurano, containing G+, the fastest bicycle wheel in the world and in September 2015, the Intelligent Tire System, a new product range of road, off-road and MBT tires containing G+. In October 2014, Directa Plus and Vittoria Investments incorporated their JV called Directa Plus Asia Ltd., which is responsible and handling all Directa Plus activities in all Asian markets. [+more]


Motion control products


The Italian branch of Parker Hannifin – the world’s leading manufacturer of motion control products – has signed an agreement with Directa Plus that sets the foundations for a possible future cooperation aiming to test the properties of G+ materials. [+more]


Masterbatch producer


Viba, an Italian company, focused on production and commercialization of masterbatches for thermoplastic polymers transformation – suitable in several applications from agricultural and automotive to textile and packaging, started to partnering with Directa Plus to produce masterbatches with a high technological content. One of the first results obtained is a masterbatch with unique flame retardant properties. [+more]


Rubber hoses


Directa Plus has signed an agreement with IVG Colbachini that sets the foundations for a possible future cooperation aiming to test the properties of G+ materials – in mandrel-built low and medium pressure rubber hoses, of which IVG is a global production leader. The objective is to test both the barrier properties of G+ products as well as their electrical conductivity and their flame retardant properties. When compared with other commercially available products, G+ nanoplatelets possess an exclusive set of chemical and physical properties. Directa Plus will be able to exploit this unique set of properties by working together with IVG Colbachini. [+more]


3D printing filaments


FILOALFA is a business unit of Ciceri de Mondel. Established in 1917, Ciceri de Mondel plays a leading role in the extruded plastic sheets market (HIPS, ABS, Methacrylate). In 2013, Ciceri de Mondel started extruding plastic filaments for 3D printing and the FILOALFA brand was created. Nowadays, Ciceri de Mondel operates three lines to extrude plastic sheets, one fully equipped colours’ laboratory and two lines for 3D filaments production. [+more]




Directa Plus and Colmar, a high-end Italian sports and activewear company, have collaborated to create a range of graphene-enhanced activewear. The incorporation of Directa Plus’ Graphene Plus (G+) significantly improves the qualities of the clothing to enable top sporting performance. The key characteristic of these items is their ability to act as a filter between the body and the external environment – always ensuring the ideal temperature for the wearer. In addition, because the fabrics treated with G+ are electrostatic and bacteriostatic, they are able to reduce friction with air and water. The range currently includes ready-to-wear ski jackets (for both men and women), ski suits, technical underwear and a polo shirt. [+more]

Scientific partnerships


Academic Research institute


The Department of Applied Science and Technology (DISAT) is focused on flame-retardant research – and has many international experts in the field of flame retardants including Prof. G. Camino. The collaboration is aimed at identifying new non-toxic and highly effective flame-retardant solutions using G+. [+more]


Academic research institute


The Nanoscale Device Group of L-NESS – Polytechnic University of Milan – is interested in the development of graphene nanoelectronic devices. – L-NESS has developed the first logic gates and the first integrated circuit (complementary inverter) in graphene. [+more]


Academic research


The IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) is a foundation established jointly by the "Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca" – (Ministry of the Italian government for the national education system, the Italian universities and research) and the "Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze" ((Ministry of the Italian government for the Economy and the Finances) to promote excellence in basic and applied research and to contribute to the economic development of Italy. [+more]


Research institute


ZSW (Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany), is one of the leading research institutes in the field of solar energy, batteries and hydrogen technology. – Since 2008, ZSW institute has collaborated with Directa Plus in defining the limits of the D+ technology. The institute is the home of D+ technology. ZSW has also performed detailed research on the industrial potential of G+ materials as conductive additives in lithium ion batteries. [+more]



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