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Smart Textiles

Value of G+ - By incorporating Graphene Plus brands can create a unique range of products. End-users enjoy great benefits derived from the thermal and electrical conductivity and the bacteriostatic properties of G+, such as thermal regulation, heat dissipation, energy harvesting, data transmission and no odor effect.
Products - Graphene Plus can be used to enhance fabrics by various means depending on requirement:
G+ printed fabrics: graphene-based compound can be applied on different textile supports. We can also offer a select choice of textiles from trusted partners if needed.
G+ membranes: Directa Textile Solutions, a subsidiary of Directa Plus, offers unique technical membranes, designed to target different textile applications – from sportswear to fashion and citywear, from footwear to wearable technologies. Discover more on www.directatextile.com.
G+ synthetic leather: ready-to-use synthetic leather enhanced with Graphene Plus, provided through Directa Textile Solutions, is ideal for applications in fashion, home and workplace interior design, vehicle upholstery, and sports equipment.
Decoration of fabrics with G+: Graphene Plus can be used as a simple but effective decoration. Applied on different fabrics, including leather, it boosts the shiny and glossy effects of details, obtaining a unique fashion result.

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