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G+® Graphene Plus is the material of the present and the future. It can be applied in any industry. Discover how it changes:

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Directa Plus

Directa Plus is one of the largest producers and suppliers worldwide of graphene nanoplatelets-based products. Graphene Plus is used in consumer and industrial markets.

Our graphene nanoplatelets-based products are natural, chemical-free and sustainably produced. Our production process is designed to meet large supply chains’ requirements for volume, cost and quality control

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G+® Graphene Plus is a disruptive material, on the very frontline in the creation of the next generation of products. G+® brings radically new properties in tradional businesses or it significantly enhances the performance of standard materials for our customers and end users. We achieve this without compromising the environment and safety.
Discover some of the most advanced applications

Together with our partner Alfredo Grassi, an innovative leader in the workwear industry, we introduced the PTC® in the uniforms of the national firefighters, the Italian railway service, and many other public contracts

Grafysorber®️ oil absorbent products have been tested in the North Sea by anti-pollution companies, active in the oil & gas sector, with extremely positive results

The norda™ 001 G+® Spike was the first shoe to integrate a Graphene Plus membrane into the upper lining in the toe box

A swimsuit full of new ideas. Innovative Graphene allows for optimal thermoregulation in cold and warm weather. This protects both from hypothermia and overheating. The Planar Thermal Circuit® technology promotes blood circulation and low oxygen consumption by the muscles

Secondo Piano is an innovative deskpad, designed by Giulio Iacchetti: This piece has a convenient handle to move it easily and eventually hang it on a dedicated hook. Thanks to the G+® coating the surface is antimicrobial

Oakley integrated the Graphene Plus Planar Thermal Circuit® in its cycling line

In collaboration with Iterchimica, an Italian leader in asphalt chemical additives and road paving technologies, we developed Gipave®, a polymeric super modifier containing G+® Graphene Plus and a specially selected plastic

EE sports choose Grafytherm® for its collection of cycling jackets

G+® technology and patents

Directa Plus has always considered IP protection as an asset to differentiate from competitors and to protect itself and its customers


We monitor our production process and products continuously searching for new testing protocols, anticipating international regulations.

We have collected 43 certificates reporting the absence of negative impacts on biological systems

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